Your Experienced Solution for Cardiac Event Recorders

We provide decades of experience to help you monitor cardiac events. Our strength lies in the accuracy of our 30-day recorder and our 25 years of testing experience.

Lechnologies Research Inc. provides cardiac event recording with the Genesis ECG Memory Loop Recorder. This continuous pre-symptom recorder is the ultimate in 30-day cardiac event recorders.

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Monitor your heart health. Anytime. Anywhere.

A new way to monitor your heart rhythm at home.

From the pioneers of the 30-day cardiac memory loop technology, Lechnologies Research, Inc. introduces the AfibAlert, an atrial fibrillation monitor designed for daily use in the home. The patented AfibAlert technology records and analyzes the heart rhythm data and indicates via a red or green light the probability that atrial fibrillation is occurring. A 45-second, diagnostic-quality rhythm strip is recorded and can be viewed by you or your physician. Click here for sample report.

The AfibAlert can be used as a post-symptom cardiac event recorder through the physician's office or is available for purchase by patients with a physician's prescription.

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