Genesis: the Importance of Pre-Symptom Recording

The results are undisputed. When you apply the electrodes after the fact, as with post symptom recorders, you will miss 90% of the offending arrhythmias. By the time the patient places the recorder to their chest, or initiates a wristwatch recording, they are usually back in sinus rhythm (resulting in a 90% false negative rate).

Don’t be misled by the rare prolonged tachycardia that might be caught with a post event recorder. Most symptomatic arrhythmias are too short to be caught unless the electrodes are worn continuously.

Typical symptomatic event

By the time the patient feels the symptom and pushes the button, in 90% of the cases they are back in normal rhythm. Post-event recorders cannot capture these events and therefore result in a 90% false negative rate.

Most patients, when they understand the difference, will choose the 100% accuracy of pre-symptom recording over the 10% accuracy of the other technology. The accuracy of pre-symptom recording with Genesis and its innovative features will win out every time with your patients. Certainty brings peace of mind.