Case Study: Symptomatic Event

Symptom: Fluttering
Duration: 3 seconds
Interpretation: Sinus rhythm w/HR of 91-98BPM, with 1 run of ventricular tachycardia, lasting 32 beats with rates of 125-193 bpm

This patient test demonstrates four critical features of the Genesis recorder:

  1. The vital need for the electrodes to be in place at all times. Without electrodes this episode would not have been captured (it was this patient’s only event of the month, and would have been missed by a post-event recorder).
  2. Without the redundancy of two channels, only artifact would have been transmitted.
  3. The importance of leaving the recorder on for the entire 30 day period (this isolated event was caught on day 28).
  4. The equally-important need to provide 24/7 receiving services. This transmission was made at 6:45 pm (56% of all transmissions are made after hours, on weekends or during holidays).