ET-1000 Digital Electrode Tester

For Stress and Holter

Electrode failure is a major cause of wandering baseline and unacceptable levels of artifact on Stress and Holter procedures.

Proper skin preparation and electrode placement is the key to prevent electrode failure and the need to repeat the procedure.

But how does the technician know, from patient to patient, whether their prep is good and the electrode conductivity will stand up to high levels of activity?

LRI Introduces the ET-1000 Electrode Tester

Simply apply the ET-1000’s clip connectors between two electrodes.

The ET-1000 gives an immediate readout of a number between 0-99.

The higher the number, the better the prep and the better the conductivity of the electrode.

A graph on the ET-1000 provides the user with the acceptable range for each procedure.

Checking each electrode for a stress procedure takes only a few minutes.