If your event recorder isn’t making sales for you, it isn’t a Genesis!

Enhance Your Competitiveness by Using an Exceptional Recorder

We invented the technology and used it for over 20 years in our own service. We know what it means to compete in the event monitoring business and we know the safety features needed for the patient. Offering your customers the Genesis will not only increase your sales, but it will also help protect your hard-earned customer base.

Put your company above all others. The recorder you choose will be on the front line in every competitive situation. All else being equal, recorder quality will win out every time. If your competitor is not offering a Genesis and you are, its exclusive safety benefits are your guarantee to new business.

Genesis was developed to satisfy the needs of the patient, and ultimately the entity servicing that patient, your customer. Genesis is competitively priced, but if you find a lower priced recorder, we encourage you to look at the additional business the Genesis features will gain you. In the long run, it will more than offset any short term costs.