Genesis is the smallest and smartest event recorder on the market.

Maximizing the yield and accuracy of the 30-day cardiac event recording was paramount in the design of the Genesis recorder. As the pioneer of the 30-day memory loop technology, and with over 20 years of testing experience, this fourth-generation recorder captures the offending arrhythmias while minimizing false negatives. Genesis provides the accurate pre-symptom recording and innovative features you need.

Genesis is designed to virtually eliminate failed transmissions and missed events due to faulty electrodes or batteries. This accuracy provides physicians and event receiving services with the quality and safety required to effectively serve their patient base.

Whether you do your own receiving or use a receiving service, you can use the Genesis recorder as it is compatible with all receiving software.

Review the case study demonstrating the importance of memory loop technology and dual-channel ECG recording.

Download the Genesis brochure [PDF] or manual [PDF] to learn more.