Lechnologies Research Incorporated™ management team has 80 years of experience in all facets of cardiac monitoring, device manufacture, and service. Their focus is product innovation, quality service, and dedication to the patient. The founders of Lechnologies Research – Timothy Lohman and Susan (Lohman) Wendland – have more than 50 years of combined experience in all facets of cardiac monitoring, device manufacture, and service.

  • Biography: Timothy L. Lohman
  • Biography: Susan J. Wendland
  • Biography: Thomas E. Adler

Timothy L. Lohman

President and CEO
Lechnologies Research Incorporated™

Timothy Lohman was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Lechnologies Research Incorporated™ in March 2004. As a Lechnologies co-founder, he serves on the company’s Board of Directors and Strategic Planning Team.

Lohman led Lechnologies Research into the field of atrial fibrillation monitoring while growing market share of the Genesis™ ECG Memory Loop Recorder, which is the top-of-the-line cardiac event monitor. Lohman led the engineering team in a collaborative effort with the Marketing Department and Strategic Planning Team to produce the AfibAlert™ Atrial Fibrillation Monitor.

Lohman’s career in medical technology and heart monitoring spans more than 25 years. He began as an EKG Technician at Milwaukee County Medical Complex, while attending college. After attending the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, and receiving training in the U.S. Army, Lohman joined the Wisconsin National Guard where he served as a Biomedical Equipment Specialist with responsibility for ECG equipment and other cardiac care technology. He also served on the Rapid Deployment Force, where he led the set-up of diagnostic equipment to outfit temporary hospital facilities.

Following his military service, Lohman joined Cardiac Evaluation Center, Inc., as an Equipment Repair Technician at the company’s headquarters in Milwaukee. He then advanced into sales and marketing of ambulatory heart monitoring services and equipment. In 1988, Lohman was appointed Associate Director of CEC and joined the Minneapolis office as Director of Operations. The business grew substantially during his 16-year leadership providing scanning services, sales, training, and customer service to more than 100,000 patients.

Lohman holds a professional membership in the American Heart Association and is an active member of LifeScience Alley. He is also a member of the United States Power Squadrons and an avid participant in community organizations promoting safe boating.

Susan J. Wendland

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Lechnologies Research Incorporated™

Susan Wendland was named Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Lechnologies Research Incorporated™ in 2004. Wendland directs the company’s operations, finance, and quality assurance efforts. She also serves as the principal contact with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. As a Lechnologies co-founder, Wendland serves on the Strategic Planning Team as well as the company’s Board of Directors.

Wendland has nearly 30 years of experience in business management, with an emphasis in cardiac monitoring. An expert in health insurance and Medicare reimbursement requirements, Wendland ensured the AfibAlert™ Atrial Fibrillation Monitor is compatible with insurance company regulations, while being cost-effective for the patient.

After attending the University of Wisconsin at West Bend, Wendland started her career at Cardiac Evaluation Center, Inc., in medical transcription of echocardiograms and quickly moved into business operations. From 1977-1985, she led accounts payable, directed medical transcription, and trained transcription staff. In 1980 she was named Insurance Administrator at CEC. She represented the company at numerous professional events, such as Medicare seminars. As a member of the CEC leadership team, Wendland negotiated insurance contracts, obtained preferred provider status with Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and dozens of other U.S. health insurers.

Wendland is a strong advocate of educational and leadership opportunities for young girls. She has volunteered as a math and reading tutor in the Washington County Public Schools in suburban Milwaukee. As a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Wendland has worked to develop leadership and build confidence among young girls in Wisconsin’s Great Blue Heron Girl Scout Council.

Thomas E. Adler

Director of Marketing
Lechnologies Research Incorporated™

Thomas Adler was named Director of Lechnologies’ Research Incorporated™ Marketing Department in December, 2004. He leads the company’s marketing efforts and business development strategies for their ambulatory cardiac monitors.

Adler helped develop many of the innovative features for the AfibAlert™ Atrial Fibrillation Monitor. He has worked to refine the AfibAlert™ Monitor into an easy-to-use patient product.

Adler has worked in cardiology and cardiac monitoring for nearly 30 years. His career began in the cardiac catheterization labs at St. Luke’s Medical Center and Mount Sinai Hospital in Milwaukee before moving into the cardiac monitoring business.

In 1982, Adler joined Cardiac Evaluation Center, Inc. as a Sales Representative. He was named Vice President Sales and Marketing in 1997. Adler’s responsibilities included the sales and marketing of CEC’s Holter and cardiac event monitoring services, the hiring and training of sales representative’s and customer service personnel, and investigation of new products for integration into the service. During his 22-year career, CEC launched the first two-channel cardiac event monitoring service, Internet retrieval of event monitor reports, Holter-by-Internet, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring service. CEC was sold to Raytel Medical Corporation in early 2004 and Adler was named their Midwest Director of Operations with responsibility for the Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Cleveland, and San Antonio offices.

Adler volunteers with the Milwaukee Chapter of the American Heart Association and served as a member of Sales and Marketing Executives International.

Adler received a bachelor’s degree in marketing communications from Concordia University in Mequon, Wis.