Heart-brain connection

Medical research for heart and brain happens to be an interesting topic. Recent studies concluded, to avoid aging of brain one must keep the heart fit. Though there is adequate evidence to prove such argument, there are comprehensive evidences that correlate with fitter hearts and larger brain volumes.

Cardiac index and brain volume is involved here. Nevertheless, brain functioning isn’t subjected to the heart-brain connection. Irrespective of cardiovascular symptoms, the correlation stands true in all cases.

The heart-brain communication works both ways

We all buy into the common myth that heart only receives signal from brain. Nevertheless, it’s a two way communication between heart and brain. In fact, heart sends more signals to the brain than brain sends to the heart. Not only it sends signals to the brain, it also influences functioning of the latter. From emotional processing to cognitive functioning, it influences every module of brain functioning. Researchers have consistently worked on how large scale patterns in heart activity influences brain functioning.

Heart beat variability during sleep

It is commonly believed that the heart beat rate is steady during rest. But, now researchers have found out heart beat rate is irregular even in resting condition. Heart rate variability is a common phenomenon during resting period. The variability is caused by synergy of both branches of autonomic nervous system. ANS, a part of the nervous system is responsible for regulating body’s internal functions. Vagus or parasympathetic nerves slow down heart rate while the sympathetic nerves accelerate it.

Heart beat patterns and emotions

There are numerous that factors ANS and thereby influence heart rate variability. The factors include physical workouts, breathing patterns and thought patterns. Even our feelings and emotions affect heart rhythm patterns. The patterns will vary with the kind of emotions and thoughts. During frustration, heart rate pattern will be total chaos and during appreciation, it will be in perfect coherence.

Medical research for heart and brain